The ART of Natural Hairstyling

Since 2001 we have produced natural hair care & styling videos. In 2007 we uploaded the first natural hair"Flexi-Rod" video and a complete series of Natural Hair Roller Setting Videos on YouTube(TM). In the fall of 2013 we introduced a new "twist" on the "Flexi & Perm Rod" setting technique. Showing how one can create even more definition and elongation with a natural hair roller set. Giving the hair a longer-lasting "wand-curl" look.

We have helped 1000"s of stylists and countless women via our hairstyling videos, hair shows and workshops to improve their hair growth and retention by promoting "hairstyling with an emphasis on the hair's health as well as it's beauty." Using 100% all-natural hair care products and our innovative styling techniques, many have learned how to improve their hair care and styling abilities in the salon and at home. We have encouraged many who have experienced chemical related hair loss and scalp conditions to transition and "grow" natural. Our array of traditional as well as non-traditional natural hair styling and setting techniques have helped many to see that they can achieve a beautiful polished look with their own healthy natural hair. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE TUTORIALS...




Our products are all-natural, holistic products that will yield professional yet gentle results for both hair & skin. We formulate our products with "100% Pure, All-Natural" Edible ingredients for the safety of those with allergies related to, common cosmetic grade ingredients, synthetic fragrance, soy, sulphates, parabens, silicones & estrogen so that you can be sure they are safe yet effective for you and your family. We use only 100% pure, full-strength, full potency, highly concentrated and highly beneficial, Non-GMO, Non-hydrogenated, non-toxic oils, all-natural and organic fruit, herbs & flowers and essential oils. 

Our products are not diluted  with water or cheap carrier oils, they are highly concentrated and last 2-4 times longer than most commercial products and are naturally shelf stable and preserved without the use of harmful chemicals. Freshness Guaranteed! Our products are made fresh weekly so you will always receive highly potent and effective products.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE PRODUCT INFORMATION...